Designer Responsibilities

I think it is first important to ensure the practicality of the system, as designers need to make sure that the product can be used by the majority of users. Although it is not necessary to meet all user needs, it needs to meet the standard of being usable by most users. Secondly, usability is key; the design should be simple and understandable, allowing users to grasp how to use the feature the first time they use it, without imposing too much learning cost. The third aspect is inclusivity. Designers need to consider not only mainstream users but also minority groups. For example, when APPLE designs the iOS system, it includes features for blind people, so these users cannot be neglected. Finally, diversity must be ensured, as designers cannot assume all users come from the same region or country. Each user has a different culture, and it is necessary to consider how to reflect these needs or how to avoid content that might be offensive to users. Overall, designers are responsible for ensuring that the user experience is positive and not inconvenient due to the system.