The Responsibility of Interaction Designers

With the fast paced development of artificial intelligence and how it affects technology as a whole, designers have to pay attention to how they integrate AI and what the potential consequences that come with not utilizing it appropriately. The use of AI can benefit interaction designers in helping their work become more efficient, but giving too much control to the AI loses a huge component to the design of the work. The main reason why design cannot be fully replaced by AI is simply because how it lacks the creativity and innovation that a human designer can provide to a project.

Another aspect that interaction designers have to think about is how the system of AI can have biases towards different users. There are questions about the ethics of AI because of these certain biases and how this affects the usability for people. If given too much control, AI will fail to consider the ideas of user experience and tweaking improvement for better accessibility. Designers need to carefully use AI in a way where the system is functional for as many users as possible. With that being said, AI is constantly developing and designers should constantly develop with it by looking to produce with the intent of more user friendly utilization.