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  • The Ethical Imperative of Inclusive Design
    In From Accessible Design to Universal Design, Beth Williamson explores the evolution from accessible design specifically for people with disabilities to universal design – an approach to design that benefits a broader range of people. This shift has had a profound effect on interaction designers, whose work increasingly defines the interfaces and experiences in everyday… Read more: The Ethical Imperative of Inclusive Design
  • Personalization of Technology
    The introduction of the iPod in 2001 revolutionized the music industry, allowing users to carry thousands of songs in their pockets. This level of personalization and control over the music library was unprecedented. iPhone extended this personalization even further to other forms of media and communication, integrating telephony, Internet, and multimedia capabilities into a single… Read more: Personalization of Technology
  • iPod/iPhone’s lasting impact on IxD
    When Apple launched these devices, it profoundly changed our interaction with technology by introducing intuitive, portable devices that seamlessly integrated into our daily lives and created their own ecosystem. Despite their higher price point, many users preferred iPhones due to their simplicity and elegance compared to Android phones. The introduction of touchscreens and multitouch gestures… Read more: iPod/iPhone’s lasting impact on IxD
  • What did Web 2.0 bring vs Today’s Web
    When Web 2.0 came about and the public started moving towards it from 1.0, how users interacted with the internet itself was transformed in major ways because they are no longer limited to statically consuming the content of the web. The ability to create, upload, contribute to the sites in Web 2.0  created social experiences… Read more: What did Web 2.0 bring vs Today’s Web