Futures Wheel

Pick a topic – a product or service you think might be viable in the future  – and fill out the Futures Wheel thinking about 2nd and 3rd order consequences to that concept. Scan your work and post here with a bit of background for what you were thinking about.

  • About YouTube video recommendations
    Concept: Nowadays, many video websites feature video recommendations on their homepages. They recommend popular or highly viewed videos. However, nowadays, big data is utilized for video recommendations. Video platforms can use users’ long-term video-watching preferences to make recommendations. In this AI era, YouTube has also begun utilizing AI for video recommendations. It analyzes videos recently… Read more: About YouTube video recommendations
  • AI Health Assistants
    Technological Opportunity: Through the technological improvement, AI technology will usher in a new evolution, in terms of medicine, human and AI can have a further cooperation, which can save a lot of time at the same time in the accurate, to avoid missing the golden time of medical treatment. In the future, AI may also… Read more: AI Health Assistants
  • TikTok Tomorrow: Navigating the Futures Wheel
    People like to watch short videos, which can increase potential market opportunities, influence, or popularity. Then, the producers make various short videos to keep their hits. These short videos may contain good or bad information to manipulate people. Similar to a short video, the “reaction Like” causes people to care more and more about the… Read more: TikTok Tomorrow: Navigating the Futures Wheel
  • Apple SmartHome
    Apple SmartHome, a comprehensive smart home ecosystem that utilizes artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to manage home environments more efficiently, enhancing security, energy management, and daily task automation. Social: The implementation of Apple Smart Home is anticipated to cause a shift in daily living habits, emphasizing convenience through automation but potentially leading… Read more: Apple SmartHome