Field Trips

Write up a short reflection about the field trip and post here to the class blog.

  • Field Trip
    This exhibition brings together a diverse collection of artworks that vividly illustrate the critical importance of social design and inclusion. Art installations are presented in a variety of forms and materials, highlighting themes of the interconnectedness of society and its people. In this exhibition, what caught my attention was a… Read more: Field Trip
  • Thoughts on Designing Peace
    The exhibition displayed a diverse range of projects that demonstrate how designers can have a role in finding peace for victims to societal, environmental, and economical challenges across the globe. Projects ranged from student posters calling for awareness to architectural proposals reimagining border walls. All in which were designed with… Read more: Thoughts on Designing Peace
  • Papers, Please
    This field trip was to a design museum, with the theme centered on design and peace. An interesting exhibit was a game called “Papers, Please” by independent game developer Lucas Pope. The game narrates the story of a border inspector (the player) who verifies the documents of each person wishing… Read more: Papers, Please
  • Field Trip Reflection
    This exhibition brings together many different works that demonstrate the importance of social design and inclusivity. The theme of the interconnectedness of society and people is emphasized through art installations in different forms and materials. I was very impressed by two of the works on display. The first was MUST… Read more: Field Trip Reflection
  • Designing Peace Exhibition
    At the Designing Peace exhibition we can see an immersive blend of creativity, social commentary and interactive design. These installations speak volumes about the interconnectedness of communities, the consequences of division, and the effectiveness of design as mediators and messengers of peace. “Seesaw Wall” is my favorite piece of art… Read more: Designing Peace Exhibition
  • Field Trip: Museum of Craft Design
    In the exhibition, it is shown how design and community action can contribute to the pillars of positive peace. These concepts and interactive elements suggest that a future of peace is not just the absence of conflict but a proactive effort to build a just, inclusive, and resilient society. The… Read more: Field Trip: Museum of Craft Design
  • Designing Peace Exhibition inspire the future of IXD Design
    Three pieces in the exhibition moved me. Island Tracker and Papers, Please. They all represent every critical aspect of social design. The Paper Please in the show suggests, “How can design support a safe, healthy, respectful environment?” Where it presents a game to simulate real-life refugee and immigrant problems. It… Read more: Designing Peace Exhibition inspire the future of IXD Design