The Responsibility of Accessibility in Design

For interaction designers, it is very important to think about the user’s experience and how they interact with your work. One of the crucial aspects of this is thinking about how inclusive and widespread can your design be to everyone. This idea of accessibility is important because you are limiting the number of people who are able to use the product if you don’t imagine and anticipate the constraints.

These constraints can form from a variety of different places, such as race, gender, age, disabilities, and more. They limit access towards full utilization of the design, simply because of how the interaction designers produced it. While not everything can be foreseen, these limitations can be predicted beforehand when carefully thinking. One of the captivating parts of interaction design is how something in design can always be tweaked or adapted into other ideas, which further improve the design or even innovate new ideas to learn and develop more about. Accessibility in Interaction Design is fundamental and should be considered in connection to the actual design process.