Interaction Designer Responsibilities

Firstly, as an interaction designer, I believe it’s essential to ensure user privacy. This concern is similar to the ongoing discussions about TikTok allegedly stealing user data. Governments suspect the app might compromise user privacy and are considering banning it. Companies like Apple, for instance, have substantial capabilities to protect user privacy. There was an interview stating that their company couldn’t access user data, which is only stored in databases.

Regarding designers’ understanding of user demographics, I think it’s necessary to approach software design from an objective perspective. Even after conducting user research, we cannot ignore that a minority of users may not be able to interact in the standard way, like people who are visually impaired. They cannot use their eyes to see each interaction’s placement and methods like regular users.

As for AI, using it wisely is the right choice. If used appropriately, AI can help interaction designers increase their efficiency. However, relying too much on AI might lead to a lack of inspiration, and eventually, all designs might be aided by AI, which could stifle innovation. Currently, AI is still in an immature phase and hasn’t reached the level to fully replace humans. Therefore, designers should not use AI to replace the entire design process, as this could result in AI-generated designs that do not meet real users’ needs.