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In the two Black Mirror episodes we watched in class, it was Crocodile that made me concerned about technology. The memory extraction technology described in it is not new in science fiction, but this episode made me think about the various problems this technology could bring. I believe that this technology brings tragedy to the show mainly because it is misused. It is dangerous for a single employee of a private insurance company to explore the memories of others without anyone’s protection. Memory extraction technology may be better if it is only used officially, while a developed technology can be difficult to control. It is a bit like the death penalty. Some criminals will think that it does not matter if they kill the victim since they will die eventually. I feel that this technology can be helpful in crime investigation, but if it is misused, the consequences will be unimaginable. Also, I don’t want people to look at my memories.
We are now in this information age where everyone is sharing information every minute. Some personal information is used for advertising, and some for statistics. I think it’s an exchange where we pay for personal information to get more ads to our taste and live a relatively safe life. But if there is no privacy, like in some science fiction stories, that everything can be monitored and simulated, then I feel like I am not a person but a tool.

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