Software UI Changes


Pick a piece of software that’s been around awhile – like Photoshop or Illustrator or Word for example. Research who originally designed this software – who were the Interaction Designers?
Can you find the original patents for key interactions—patent files are searchable and viewable on the internet if you look hard enough? How have the interactions changed over time.
Can you determine when the software originally launched, what was the original company?
Is the software delivered in the same fashion? Is it an install into the computer?
Web or SAAS (software as a service)? Mobile?
What changes have happened to accommodate our greater understanding of people and how they interact with computer technology?
Post your findings to the class blog. (This can be in narrative form or in table or bullet format with screenshots and images to make your points.)  Make sure to appropriately cite your sources. 
Use the category User Interface Changes on your post so that it shows up in the right category in the navigation.

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