Changes of adobe illustrator


Adobe illustrator is a computer graphics software released by adobe in 1978, conceived by John Warnock, and is a SAAS. Up to now, the illustrator has only run on computers. The original illustrator was designed for the Apple Macintosh, and as you can see from the picture below, the toolbar was on the left side, but there were not as many tools as there are now. The demo of illustrator when it was first released
The Adobe illustrator now

After watching some videos and researching for patents, I found that the illustrator’s key interaction and functionality were the pen tool and the formation of the halftone.

Overall, there are no huge changes in the interactions between the early illustrator and the lasted version, but only the increased functions and tools. I think one of the reasons for no major changes is that the user is already used to the way to interact with illustrator. Big changes will be harsh for the user to adapt and learn.


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