The Bauhaus


Explore this site about the BAUHAUS.
Do the exercises in the different sections. Take screenshots of your results and post to the class blog with a short writing about the importance of understanding the philosophy of the Bauhaus to modern Interaction Designers or if you disagree that it isn’t important tell us why. Use the category Bauhaus.

  • The Bauhaus
    Opening the site is an introduction to the Bauhaus School. There is a History of the Bauhaus, Masters and Apprentices, Principles and Curriculum. It also… Read more: The Bauhaus
  • Bauhaus
    The modern design industry has inherited many qualities from Bauhaus. But speaking of interaction design, I think the essential point of Bauhaus philosophy is that… Read more: Bauhaus
  • Bauhaus
    Bellow is the results I got for Body and Spirit exercise in the Bauhaus Website. “Oskar Schlemmer’s iconic stage production highlighted the interconnectedness of costume,… Read more: Bauhaus
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