The software I chose was WeChat, which was originally designed by Zhang Yong, which was then named “WeChat” by Ma Huateng and released to the public through Tencent Group.
I didn’t find the original patent documents of WeChat on the Internet, but I found some patent documents about some special interaction methods of WeChat, one of which is “QR code anti-counterfeiting and anti-channel conflict query system and method based on WeChat platform” because There are many QR codes using WeChat, including payment QR codes. If the QR code is stolen, people can use the stolen QR code to pay for many things, and because WeChat payment can be bound to a bank card, This is very dangerous. The method mentioned in the article is to update the previous fixed QR code to one that can be refreshed regularly. The person who wrote this patent article is Xu Wen.
The initial release time of WeChat was January 17, 2011, the original company’s Beijing Cultural Communication Co., Ltd. The software can be installed on mobile phones, computers, tablets, and electronic watches. is software on removable electronic products.
With the update of WeChat, the interaction of WeChat has also changed a lot. WeChat was launched in January 2011, and it only has the most basic functions such as chatting and sending a circle of friends. On January 21, 2011, WeChat released a beta version 1.0 for iPhone users. This version supports importing existing contact information through a QQ number. On May 10, 2011, WeChat released version 2.0, which added a voice intercom function like Talkbox. In August 2011, WeChat added a feature to make friends with strangers called “view nearby people”. In April 2012, WeChat released version 4.0. This version added the photo album function similar to Path and Instagram and can share the photo album to the circle of friends. On July 19, 2012, WeChat 4.2 version added a video chat plug-in and released a web version of the WeChat interface. On February 5, 2013, WeChat released version 4.5. This version supports real-time intercom and multi-person real-time voice chat, and also adds voice reminders and navigation based on the location sent by the other party. On August 5, 2013, WeChat 5.0 for ios was launched, adding an emoji store and game center, and the function of sweeping (referred to as 313) was newly upgraded, which can scan street view, scan the barcode, scan QR code, scan word translation, scan cover. After that, WeChat has added many interactive functions, such as taxi, WeChat payment applet, public account, withdrawing messages, and also adding video account to watch videos, and can save files or chat records, and other functions.Regarding the WeChat page, it has always been very simple white and gray. After the update, it can be changed to black by adjusting to the night mode.


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