Black mirror View


After watching the Black Mirror, I was afraid of the technology in the video because I thought it was inhuman, but it was helpful.

In the first episode, “Crocodile,” the product that allows you to watch other people’s memories will remove all privacy. I think surveillance is enough to find the killer. Watching other people’s memories is an approach I will not accept. Everyone should have privacy and have their thoughts. And they should be free because crime isn’t what you think. It’s what you do. I don’t think the technology is there to be able to watch other people’s memories, but maybe hypnosis can do that.

In the second episode, I was impressed by the dating system. However, I thought it was almost impossible to implement because human thought and action are practically impossible to predict accurately, and the program judges only a possibility. But I also felt uncomfortable while watching the series because it would be scary if people living in the dating system had self-thoughts. They will be forced to separate themselves from the people they like because they have to repeatedly experience emotions for human beings. Instead of letting people experience it themselves, the experience will become a unique memory.

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