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In class, we watched Black Mirror’s crocodile, the technology product described in this episode is a technology that can be placed on the temple with a small button, and then through a small computer, the user’s memories can be seen.

This memory is a video The pattern is produced, and it is very clear, and you can also see some details that the recallers did not pay much attention to. This technology is used to break through some difficult crime scenes or accidents. I think the current technology is still a little difficult to achieve this level because this is a way to use the reading of the human brain, maybe it has something to do with eye-trackers Similarly, eye trackers are used for patients with rare diseases.

They can use the machine to talk to others by looking at the icons or words of the computer or tablet. I think the technology in crocodile can reduce crime very well, which is a technology that I think is very good. But this is a technology that can detect brain images that will take a long time to study, and I am very much looking forward to inventing it in the future.

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