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Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider (born March 11, 1915, St. Louis, Missouri; died June 26, 1990, Arlington, Massachusetts) was an American computer scientist who laid the foundation for computer networks and ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet.

Licklider speaks on the ideology and theory of computing and information technology. He also helped finance the development of systems that became modern computers and used his ideas on forming galactic networks to fund the Internet’s infrastructure. When computers needed analogue control, entire rooms needed analogue control to think about future possibilities and describe in detail what it would take to get there. He was even one of the early scholars who hypothesized the invention of artificial intelligence. He created the idea of a universal network, spreading his vision throughout IPTO and inspiring his successors to realize his dream of inventing ARPANET, which led to the Internet. He also developed concepts that led to the idea of “netizen.”

He said, “We need to substitute for the book a device that will make it easy to transmit information without any modification.” The ideas he came up with were so novel that he was ahead of his time. In August 1962, in a series of BBN memos discussing the concept of an “interstellar computer network,” he described the earliest idea of a global computer network. These ideas encompass almost everything about the Internet today, including cloud computing.

There is no doubt that he made significant contributions to the formation of the modern Internet. Modern society is inseparable from the Internet, and he is the Internet pioneer. That’s why he’s writing, and his inventions are so crucial to understanding the present age.

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