The Beginning Prototype


The early computers created were revolutionary to the working world. Even though their size was unmatched compared to what we have today, the ability to be able to punch cards and automation was profound to the working world. Even the development of typewriters and what was processed into an automatic typewriting machine was a major advancement.

The prototype that emerged from Doug Englebart and his team at Stanford broke the ground of what true possibilities could happen. The prototype they created allowed someone to use a mouse and computer to complete tasks and make lists that weren’t able to be accomplished before. When I watched the video displaying what this prototype could do I couldn’t help but think about the Ipad and the use of the apple pen. Using the Ipad and apple pen I move things, draw things, or write and typed letters come out. Their example, while being much larger and louder (beeping every couple seconds of function) has a similar process to what we use today on computers and Ipad’s. A function that allows us to complete tasks much faster and with higher efficiency, allowing for more possibilities in the digital space. The prototype in essence is what we use today in our every day life, but it truly is amazing that something like this was created 60 years ago.

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