moveable type and Renaissance


As mentioned in the video, Maco Polo helps the spread of moveable type to the world with new renovations. Vinci’s design amazes people with how advanced his thinking is. His anthropometric continues to guide and influence creators in different fields of design and the simplicity of instructions he creates on the artwork itself is what we look up to. The importance of studying his artwork is it relates closely to ergonomics and human factors that we are going to be studying in the future as designers.

Another idea that’s been talked about in the video is a handwritten book. Handwritten books are always for the rich and the royalties back then because of the prolonged work for bookmakers. The creation of rapid printing changes a book from being hardly accessible for the lower classes to a much easier thing. Mass printing changes the hierarchy of knowledge and information leads to interesting idea exchanges, learning cultures, and scientific findings. As interaction designers moveable type is a great example to prove the power of design. Design changes how users think and look at one thing thus influencing human behaviors from the roots.

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